PF Parking Valet is a privately held parking corporation with over 50 + Years of experience positioned at the top of the valet parking industry. Having started in New York City and Long Island, we have grown to become the most respected and reliable valet service in the New York, New Jersey and Florida

Our ownership, management, and staff provide consistently professional parking services. The management team has been groomed from within the company, lending to an apprentice-style promotion process. We have developed a seven-level training program in customer service excellence, encouraging our staff to move up in the company by completing a combination of classroom hours and field evaluations. Our training and auditing programs are proprietary to PF Parking and are second to none in terms of parking valet service excellence.

PF Parking Valet services some of the largest developers, hotel, casinos, hospital, residential buildings, shopping malls, catering halls, car dealerships and more.


PF Parking Valet is privately owned and operated by a team of experienced professionals.

PF Parking goal is to building relationships based on honesty, service, accountability and the willingness to go above and beyond.

It is the mission of PF Parking Valet to provide our clients and guests with the most courteous and professional parking services in the industry.

Our goal is to create an experience for our clients and guests that exceed their expectations thus producing genuine customer satisfaction. Anything less is unacceptable; Customer Service is the key!

Our rigorous pre-employment screening produces skilled attendants with curb appeal

We demand the highest level of training in the industry with our continually improving training program, investments in sophisticated technology, insistence on working with top of the line equipment, and customer convenience programs our actions and not our words will prove our superior customer service.

At PF Parking Valet, we have developed a culture built on providing the best parking services possible

Our insistence on hiring the best employees and always being accessible and accountable to the facilities we serve ensures that both our clients and their guests can park their vehicles with complete confidence.

PF Parking Valets' unique management style and approach to valet parking has firmly placed us at the forefront of the parking industry

We are dressed to perfection with a crisp,professional look and our warm, friendly staff adds value to any business or event

We insure our fully licensed business with an industry leading insurance policy

We track all revenue and provide full reports and record all vehicle damage when entering and exiting keeping vehicle damage claims down

New Jersey

Cape May Winery Manage Parking for the Winery and Wedding Center Cape May, NJ

Lucky Bone Manage Parking for the Water Grill Cape May, NJ

Utsch's Marina Marina and home of the Whale Watcher

Sands Hotel Atlantic City

Playboy Hotel and casino Atlantic City NJ

New York

Far Rockway Beach: Outdoor valet parking facility

Windows of the World World Trade Center, New York Cit

Winter Garden Battery Park City, New York City

Busters Downtown, New York City

Goldan LLC Wantagh, New York

Kings County Hospital Brooklyn, NY

Coney Island Hospital Brooklyn, NY

Comfort Inn Suites Queens NY

Anthony Bellmore NY

AcQue Merrick NY

PortoFino Queens NY

Camelas Franklyn Square NY

Eleven Twenty Oceanside NY

Club Bronx NY

Concord Hotel and Country Club New York

Nevele Hotel New York

Falls View Hotel New York

Grossinger's Hotel and Country Club New York

Catering Hall in Oceanside NY


The Towers IN

Airport Parking

JFK Airport Parking; New York

LaGuardia Airport: New York

Steward Airport: New York


Gallery Stamford 2 Locations